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Cryptocurrency explained by BitcoinBully

If you have been online for a while it has been impossible for you to avoid all the hype and fuzz regarding bitcoin and all the “crypto stuff” And all the claim to be rich quick. You may also have sen warning in your paper, “Bitcoin plummeted to bottom record today, people lost a fortune”. But somehow you couldn’t avoid being tempting to join and try to make some money on your own.

I’m not an expert but most I have seen is honestly crap. But a hope arose when I found out that Jon Olson and friends tried to sort out what works and what don’t. These are people that have been online for a long time and seen most of its backside.

They created BitcoinBully a very gentle program that slides you slowly into the world of crypto. You don’t need to know anything about those fancy words. And your investments are almost nil. How nice, a program that won’t reap out your money.

You are introduced step by step into the different kinds of crypto-related subjects, every step with a video. And when done with your task the next level is unlocked.

I can only say this is the best program so far to introduce you to the crypto-world in an honest and entertaining way with Jon Olson at the wheel.


Are Your Promotion Honest?

I learned something new the other day from my coach Dawud Islam in Epic Downline Builder. And I feel guilty like most of us.

Like me, you have certainly promoted hundreds of programs over the years. But are you honest when promoting them?

Have you earned any money yet or only hope that someone will join and pay you? Give it a thought. Those programs you promote reflects you as a sponsor. If they fail you will in some way be responsible for your downlines or customers failure. It will on a long-term basis hurt your brand and reputation.

Think about your daily life and compare it to your online business. If you visit a restaurant and find the service and food disgusting, would you recommend the restaurant to a friend? Certainly not!

So think more than once before promoting something. Can I honestly stand up for that business and approve it?

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