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Are All Traffic Equal?

If I make it easy for you. No!
I’m sure you have tried traffic to your business like me with the offer, 50.000 hits, $9.95. Any success? No. Real waste of time and money. Often are those kinds of traffic bots or other fake traffic.

I have also bought traffic from a rather well know traffic exchange. About 10.000 hits, around $10. Very depressing results.

Now to be fair, you need to buy traffic for a longer period of time to get an accurate result. Even when you pay very big money and buy from high-quality suppliers there is no guarantee that you will have great results from that first buy.

You will also have in mind that the splashpage or whatever you use is of high quality and attract your targeted customer. With the high-cost traffic supplier, you will even get help with the landing page and ad to solve this matter.

The conclusion here is honestly. In most cases, you get what you pay for. There are no shortcuts in this world, sorry.

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