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So, Are Traffic Exchanges Dead?

In the last post, I asked the question if traffic exchanges are dead and partly addressed the question to Jon Olson who have the ear to the ground in this matter.
And he actually answered like this.

Jon Olson:
“Tried to comment but looks like they were turned off. Are te’s dead? No, but they are on life support. owners and surfers have kinda given up trying to build lists and build businesses but programs like te list builder are helping. I can still use a te and generate great leads and conversions. But sadly those numbers for others aren’t that good. It will require a massive shake up to right the ship.”

So shall we give up? No, I don’t think so. Using them wisely and a healthy mix of traffic exchanges and safelists will get you results

I shared some tips in the last post to help you achieve your goal. We can also hope that the future will be brighter. Last time the safelists were dead but they managed to revive. Let us hope traffic exchanges will do the same.


Are Traffic Exchanges Dead Now?

The right person to answer this question is really only our traffic exchange guru Jon Olson. Many claims that they are dead and a waste of time to click hour after hour. But I joined a program the other week that is one of them trying to revive the traffic exchanges again.

TeListBuilder is an innovative and fun program with the goal to build your list primarily by using traffic exchanges.
It takes you through the process step by step with informative videos. A program for everyone, new and seasoned marketer.

Yes, you need a lot of clicking to get those leads but you can take certain measures to be more productive.

  • Try to dominate a traffic exchange. Do not surf to many exchanges at the same time spreading out you too thin.
  • Use a program or browser plugin to speed up your clicking.
  • Use high quality exchanges that deliver viewers and not sitting on thousands of your credits.
  • Surf the right time. Is your target audience awake?
  • Use tracking. Who is delivering?
  • Do not forget the banners and text ads. They brand you and the business you promote.
  • Do not forget to take a break. Computer work is not the healthiest work on earth.

You find a Basic Traffic Exchange Training HERE

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