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Do You Get a Customer to Make a Sale or?

That’s the question. If I rephrase the question.
What’s more important, the sale or the customer?
In a short time of view, the answer is the sale.
And that’s many of us answer as new marketers
eager to make that first sale or get even.
But turn it around and you will find it less stressful to work.


So the lesson today is:
Don’t get a customer to make a sale.
Make a sale to get a customer!

It’s about people at the end. Ask these questions for yourself.
How can I help?
How can I add value to people?

It’s like a dog if I may say so. Chase him and you will not catch him. Run the other way and hide and he will get after you curious what you are doing and afraid being left behind.

Do you find these points and statements good?
This is just a fraction what you can learn in your Online Sales Pro back office. A ton of valuable information.
Want more?
Email is still working nowadays. Yes, it’s good using Facebook, social media and all that. But at the end, you have a lead which is yours and you can make a sale from it if you like. Most people buy from what they read in the mail you send them. An exception I can find is if you watch a review on Facebook and make the decision that this is the best buy for you.
Furthermore, an interesting fact is that the estimated value of a lead in your list is about $1.00 per month.


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