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Why join and doing nothing?

I listen to a webinar yesterday from Bitcoin Bully and there was a question that draws my attention. The participants had experience from owning different member sites inclusive Bitcoin Bully. So the problem was, why are so many people joining a site and then doing nothing? If you have been around for some time I’m sure you know what we are talking about.

I have had 700 – 800 members on one site and only two to three took action. The last site was over one hundred and no action at all. And I did all the action according to the book. Weekly mail, personal encouraging emails, blog posts, Facebook. Name it. And it seems that everyone expects these results, only one or two percent active and hardly that.

But why? I guess it’s like this.
First, we have to separate traffic paid versus free traffic.
With good leads from well-known companies, you should avoid this problem. (You will find paid traffic at this site)
With free traffic, it’s probably people have fair of missing a good opportunity. Why not join, I can have a look later? It’s free so it doesn’t matter. And they never find that time since they are going to the next shiny object.

Or they suffer from information overload. Looking at all those ads at traffic exchanges or safelists with all those promises of getting rich without work or any other effort. The ad said, automatic or didn’t it?

So the conclusion is or the question we have to ask. Is it worth doing the old school with free traffic? Is it worth all that time only to get reluctant people doing nothing?

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